Watch me Grow

I am going to be doing a lot of growing on this blog, but here you can actually see some progress.  Stay tuned for a photo journal of my gardening project for the year.

setupMy seedling setup

Pictured above is my seedling setup.  I use an ordinary cheap shelving unit which I jazzed up with a few acrylic paints, hoods and flourescent lamps and two generic grow bulbs.  And one last thing:  My setup is in my laundry room, the warmest place in the house.

Future fruits include; Red: Brandywine Sudduth’s, Boxcar Willie, Mr. Underwood’s Pink German Giant, Early Wonder, Opalka Paste, Burgess Stuffing Bicolored: Old German, Virginia Sweets, Mortgage Lifter Bicolor Strain Black: Carbon, Paul Robeson, Black Krim White: White Beauty Small Fruited: Cuban Yellow Grape, Sugar Baby Peppers: Giant Marconi Hybrid, Giant Aconcagua, Pasilla Bajio

True Leaves at three weeks!


Here you see a close up of White Beauty seedlings and behind those are Cuban Yellow Grapes.  Both are doing great with the first sets of true leaves.

Soon my seedlings will graduate: 5 seedlings to a real pot until it is finally warm enough for transplanting out into the garden, or they overgrow and need an upgrade.

Stay tuned, I will post a new picture every week!

Re-potted White Beauties at four weeks


I’m quite proud of this picture on the whole.  Yesterday I re-potted five varieties into larger pots so they wouldn’t dry out so fast.  These White Beauty plants are looking great.  I wish you could see, but it is snowing outside.  I’m crazy about the juxtaposition of a spritely little plant set against a grey dreary background.  Perfect description of how I feel when I peek in on my babies on a cloudy day.


five weeks

Week Five

Everyone has new growth since the transplant, but these three are probably the best-looking.  Back right: White Beauty, Back left: Mr. Underwood’s Pink Giant, Center: Early Wonder

Next challenge:  Thinning down to two plants each (That’s always a nail-biter!)


Growth spurt time!  It’s a little over a week since I’ve updated, and the plants are all doing great with the exception of my pepper plants which became a snack for a hungry kitty.  Reseeding has begun, and hopefully they will bounce back, since there still is quite a bit of time ’til I can put my plants into the ground.  I think for the sake of ease, and comparison, I will now follow only a single variety so we can really look at how they’ve grown. I haven’t been brave enough to thin down yet, but I will have to- every plant has been doing awesome, none have died off yet.

Week six growth-spurt!

In the foreground are White Beauty plants and in the back center are Mr. Underwood’s Pink German plants.


Week seven finally saw the most difficult part of starting your own seeds.  The thinning out.  On the one hand, the plants are inevitably happier with more room to grow, but on the other hand is the dirt of those who didn’t make the cut.

White beauties after thinning out in week seven. It's a hard time in a plant's life, and I'm sure they'll perk up in time for next week's photo.

At week 8, the plants take a trip outside.


After a traumatic repotting, my White Beauties seem to be taking the transition particularly hard… I hope a good hour outdoors will perk them up.  There are much better looking plants at the point, but I have to remind myself that this is after all a photo journal of growth, and not all growing is always successful.


5 Responses to “Watch me Grow”

  1. nouveaujardinier March 7, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    The third picture is really great. Just starting out, I’ve gotta say, it’s kind of weird planning for all this growth and beauty when it’s still terribly uncomfortably cold out. Looking forward to keeping up on your progress this season.

    • fdcarlso March 7, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

      That’s true, although it always gives me a little hope to start growing even when there’s snow on the ground 🙂


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