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Day 18

6 Aug

Day 18: A picture of your biggest insecurity

That’s right, folks, it’s big.  I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life.  I’ve yo-yo’ed all over the place, gone on crash diets, joined gyms, fasted, tried to walk it off, sweat it off, the list goes on.  This winter I decided it was time to gain some control.  I try to follow a regular schedule of fitness activities including swimming and yoga while taking advantage of our small town to walk at any opportunity.  I couple my workouts with healthy eating choices; lots of fresh veggies and alternate protein sources like beans and lentils.  I was fortunate enough to find a doctor in town who shares my philosophy on weight loss and thus has greatly increased my self-confidence around the “big” picture.


Yogic Cat

17 Apr

So after a week off the fitness train, and not quite rid of what I am now referring to as “Mac’s disease” I managed to drag myself to today’s afternoon yoga class.  It felt remarkably good to get back into it, and the instructor seemed to take a slower pace than normal.  It makes sense, everyone is busy, the students are tired and stressed out, why try to kill ourselves doing headstand?  I’m trying to plan ahead for this week’s workout, knowing I probably won’t be up to my average rigor.  So, I guess I’m back to doing a mile in the pool instead of 2,400 yards, and maybe I will take it easy at Zumba class tomorrow.  At least I have the comfort of knowing that Eli and I can relax together once again in full forward fold.


9 Mar

A word of caution:  After this week, you might be thinking, “Okay, Fawn, enough with the mostly photo blogs.  Get it together woman.”  I know.  Being sick, I can barely focus on anything, let alone a long blog that has a real central theme.  But this is my blog, and if you want to read something long every day with no cute cat pictures, start your own and maybe I will visit you there.  For now, you’re stuck with me.

One of the most true to life books I’ve ever read is a comic book.  I can relate to it, and if you’ve ever owned a cat, so can you.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of owning a cat, you can get the essence of it from Cats Are Weird and More Observations; a cat book by Jeffrey Brown.  Consequently, this book may deter you in the long run from ever owning a cat, but for us hopeless cat-lovers out there, it’s a sweet little book we can all read with a smile on our faces thinking “Wow, my cat does that too!”

This segment will be told by three voices.

1) This is me, the narrator.  Your sometimes friendly guide to cat ownership.

2) This is Thora; old, tired, easily annoyed, narrator’s baby.


You may think dogs are the animals ruled by routine, but our cats may have them beat.  Every morning, we are woken by a series of events.  One:  Cat marches across the pillows mewing plaintively.

maybe if i cuddle up to them and act like a sad little beast, they will get up sooner and feed me!


If Thora comes near me, I usually push her to the bottom of the bed to get her away from me.  Those whiskers tickle early in the morning.  Eli is more than likely waiting at the foot of the bed for one of my feet to poke out.  They are his favorite chew toy, and he is impatient in the morning.  When Thora comes anywhere near Eli, a cat face-off ensues.

Face-Off.  John Travolta on the right, Nicholas Cage on the left.



*hisses**running feet*


And so it continues until Eric gets out of bed and stomps into the kitchen to feed the monsters.  Eli gets to eat in the living room, Thora on the other hand eats in peace in the utility room with her own litter box.  The idea here is that Thora can have a safe place where Eli isn’t king of the mountain.  Eli is the little squirt who uses all the litter boxes in the house as soon as they are cleaned just so he can be big cat of the household.  Thora can’t stand him, so his scent enrages her, leading to improvised neutral litter boxes and unpleasant surprises later.  Cat face-off two happens after they have finished their food.

i don’t really want to leave my warm and cozy room, but i will sit here making noises and sharpening my claws on their door until someone comes and pays attention to me.  then i will pretend like i don’t want their attention.


By now Eric is off at work and I am trying to do my yoga routine with one cat hiding under a chair making horrible sad noises, and the other one gnawing on my toes.  If he’s feeling really irritated and excitable, Eli turns into… PUFFY TAIL!  His evil alter-ego races up and down the hallway, trailing a tail at least three times too large and curved upward like a question mark.  Then he goes in time-out, AKA, the bathroom.  I get fed up and chase Thora out of her room.  The possibility of further cat face-off action is higher, but at least she will be sort of quiet .  Then, I go to the bathroom and slowly open the door, unsure of what is waiting for me there.


What Color is Your Wardrobe today?

7 Mar

It’s 8:47 in the morning.  It snowed again last night.  I can tell already that this week is going to be a half-assed one.  After an exciting weekend with my sister and brother-in-law, I could blame my negligence on being hung over.  Ah, alas, I no longer have the luxury of that excuse since the most alcohol to pass my lips this weekend was a meager mouthful.  It turns out that watching after a sick child can actually make you sick too… What?  Get outta town!  I had assumed my tiredness all weekend was due to my vigorous new exercise routine.  Also, my brain has a tendency to shut down when I’m not forcing it to conform to my schedule.  But I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and I was feeling more out of it than usual.  We were all lamenting over the weather when I exclaimed loudly, “I’m so sick of this, it’s so damn grey outside!”

My sister immediately pointed out; “You’re looking awfully grey today.”

My sister, so smart.  I was wearing grey yoga pants and a dark green t-shirt with a dark grey 3/4 sleeve top over it.  She was right.  Upon closer inspection, I found that most of my winter wardrobe is less than cheery.  In comparison, the cubby-hole in my wardrobe for summer tops is all bright colors and patterns.  Huh, who knew?

I know the recent bout of grey weather has left me with a not-so-desirable attitude, but seeing the snow come down again yesterday was just the nail in the coffin.

I had gone to yoga feeling congested, stiff, and off-kilter.  In fact, the whole class seemed a little off-kilter.  Our instructor promised to take it easy on us, but she really didn’t.  As I lay on my back trying to get into Yoga Nidra, I kept thinking about how weird I felt.  I also couldn’t get over the fact that last week ended on a sort of down note, and I had the feeling that this week would be the same.  Since the relatives had left, I had tried to do something productive.  I wanted to blog about my young garden, so I started to re-pot my tomato and pepper seedlings.  I am certified to teach elementary students, but my powers of estimation are grossly overrated.  I had used up most of the potting soil and only re-potted five out of seventeen varieties.  I gave up and slogged off to yoga thinking I would pick up some more soil and finish the project in the evening.

Fast-forward to after my bad yogic sleep.  With the lights turned back on, and people rolling up yoga mats, someone exclaims excitedly; “Look, snow!”  And sure enough, it is coming down in big fluffy flakes.  It’s the type of snow that I normally find very pretty.  Walking home feeling the wet cold clinging to me, I didn’t find it pretty.  It was another reminder that here in the Midwest, spring is still a long way off.  I decided I might need more garden time later in the week, so I left off my re-potting, and spent the evening playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii and going to bed early.

Fast-forward again to this morning and the beginning of this post.  As I sat down at the computer feeling even more congested, the back of my throat like it’s been stuffed with cotton-balls, I wonder how far I am going to get today.  I decide not to set my goals too high, since I might disappoint myself.  First things first:  Get a glass of water, second, another glass of water.  Next on the docket; blog since you haven’t done it in two days, you lazy thing you!  Now I have to decide if I’m going to make it to zumba this afternoon.  I already know I’m not going to swim.  Four days a week in the pool at over a mile a pop is more than your average person gets, so I think I’m okay.  I can do a slower and shorter yoga routine and still feel productive without killing myself.  And, oh yes, I will be doing this all while wearing a grey shirt!

Zumba Almost Killed Me.

28 Feb

If you were hoping for a dramatic post, navigate away now.  Oh, wait!  Please don’t leave!  I like your company!

Now, where was I?  If I seem scattered, it’s because this is a weary post that has absolutely no direction (Like me most of the time.)  Yesterday marked the fourth week of my effort to become more scheduled, productive, and lose some weight.  Every morning during the week I do an hour of vinyasa yoga followed by a relatively healthy breakfast.  My cat Eli likes to help me do both.  With his mouth.  Ouch.  Then I walk to Grinnell College campus for a swim.  Swimming a mile (1,650 yards) is harder than you’d think especially when you’re overweight like I am and you have to share a pool with those little sea otters on the men’s swim team.  One of the great things about living in a college town and having a partner who is affiliated with that college is I have access to the fitness center and all the fitness classes offered to faculty/staff for free.  Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays there is yoga, and I have recently been roped into a lunch hour Zumba class on Mondays.  The first class was a blast.  There were about ten older ladies there, and then a handful of “Young people” as we were called.  Relatively easy even for someone like me who is co-ordination challenged, I didn’t sweat much but was surprised to find later that evening that I was pretty sore.  Last week we had off, so I did my usual swim and yoga routine.  This weekend I had bitter debates with myself (Eric was at a conference and I didn’t have a lot else to do in the evenings) deciding whether or not I should do my swim before Zumba class or skip it for the day.  Four days out of the week is plenty, right?  Well, I apparently didn’t think so.

I took the plunge at 11am like I always do, swimming my mile in 50 minutes.  I headed to Zumba feeling like a champ.  The old ladies weren’t there.  Our enthusiastic instructor decided to pick up the pace.  I sweat so much I thought my freshly dyed hair would start to dribble down my neck.  Don’t get me wrong.  I had a good time.  I just started to feel like I was in that horrible Olivia Newton-John music video “Physical”.  The walk home was a bear.  When I got home I thought to myself, God, now I have to write a POST?!?

But I’m trying to be good, so here it is.  A rambling tired post.  I hope at least parts of it made you crack a smile.  I’m trying.  I think I’ll go sit in my chair for a while though.