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Day 19

7 Aug

Day 19: A picture of someone you have been on vacation with

Lucky for me, Eric and I just got back from a 10 day vacation!  We took the Amtrak out through Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Washington and into Vancouver, BC where we spent a few days with family and then turned around and did the whole train trek again.  It was a great way to see the sights and not have to deal with airport security B.S. This picture was at a stop in Havre Montana.  (not my favorite state on the trip… it seemed like we were there FOREVER)

My favorite state was Washington.  The eastern part of the state was scrubby and empty, which I like, and then we crossed this invisible line and suddenly there were fruit trees everywhere.  Did you know they put windmills in the middle of apple orchards to move away cool air during a cold snap?  Being from a state where there is no avoiding a cold snap, this was a learning experience for me.

And of course the Cascades were breath taking…


Awkward Cat Photo

4 Apr

There, how’s that for a totally lame title?  It’s about as creative as I feel today 😛

When we left Indiana yesterday afternoon it was 78 degrees, finishing out our Spring Break Indiana trip nicely.  It’s windy and cold in Iowa AGAIN!  You’re probably thinking, Gee, when is this person going to post about something NEW? And I apologize.  I have been desperately trying to work on my story since 8 am, and it’s just not happening.  So here I present a lonely cat trying to get attention from underneath the computer.  I think he likes to sit back there because it’s warm, and he can ambush me by attacking the keyboard.  Here he is chewing on my glasses:  A nasty habit he’s picked up, and he chews chews cords too when he’s angry with us.  He was certainly not thrilled about us being gone for a weekend 🙂