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Day 16

4 Aug

Day 16: A picture of someone who inspires you

This is appropriate after yesterday’s post…

This is The Herb Man.  The Herb Man is my hero, and not just because of the hat he likes to wear.  His operation is based just outside of Farmington, MN where he and his wife grow herbs, vegetables, a variety of trees and flowers from seed that they sell off of their property and at local Farmer’s Markets.  Last summer I was searching for Amish Paste tomato plants and my search led me to the Herb Man.  I was invited back into one of the many greenhouses and it was like a jungle paradise.  The greenhouse was packed with little seedlings of all varieties.  While we searched, I got to know a little bit of his history as a grower and instantly became jealous.  He started out with the same dream I have; being able to grow food for his family.  He went on to tell me to be careful when considering greenhouses, as they can be habit forming, and admitted he needed a day job to support his.  Later that summer Eric and I went to him in search of rosemary and sage plants to use in our wedding ceremony and we left with two sprigs from a bay tree that was given to him at his own wedding to symbolize the strength of unity.  The Herb Man inspires me to reach for my goal and remain passionate about growing and paying my respects to Mother Earth.


Day 15

3 Aug

Day 15: A picture of something you want to do before you die

A dream of mine is to be able to live sustainably possibly off the grid.  No, I don’t want to become a crazy hermit lady or live on a commune and shun society.  Here’s a short list of some of my eco-friendly goals for the future sort of in the order of importance and likelihood of said goal coming to fruition:

*Grow and harvest my own vegetables, fruits and grains to sustain my family

*Share my passion for growing with others and help them start their own kitchen gardens

*Raise livestock such as cows, goats, and possibly chickens for milk and dairy products

*Become friends with another small family operation where I can get meat products

*Learn more about solar and wind resources

*Modify and build structures that use solar and wind resources to decrease my carbon footprint