Day 13

1 Aug

Day 13: A picture of your favorite band/artist

I’m taking this one literally; One musical artist, and one visual artist.  It was a difficult decision, but in the end I had to go with the heavy hitters…

David Bowie.  My love for him started in first grade and sprung from the movie Labyrinth, so I have to pay homage to Jereth the Goblin King.  I have since then grown to appreciate the breadth of Bowie’s vast music library.

Pablo Picasso was one of the first visual artists I developed an interest in.  Before college I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in art, but in my freshman year I took an art history course that completely turned around my appreciation for the scene.  If pressed, I would say I prefer Picasso’s Blue Period works the most, but I also enjoy his sculptures.


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