Day 3

22 Jul

Day 3: A picture of your favorite show

Another tough choice.  I’m going to split this into two categories.

Serious shows:

Carnivale, strangely compelling.  The underbelly of the glamorized circus world during that most tumultuous time; The Dustbowl.  I couldn’t find a picture with my favorite character, though, Gabe, Rosie’s son and strongman for the carnival.




CSI has been one of my standbys for a long time.  I prefer the original Las Vegas series because I have a soft spot for Las Vegas, and I totally have the hots for Warrick and Captain Brass.




Non-Serious shows:

Futurama; it’s like the Simpsons, but in space, and is more culturally relevant to people from my generation.  Also, features wonderful characters like the Robot Devil and Slurms Mackenzie.




South Park.  I’m a huge fan, what can I say?  I’m not so secretly in love with Mr. Hankey.


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