30 Day Photo Challenge

20 Jul

Alright my blog friends.  If you’ve been trying to follow me, you’ve probably noticed a trend… I’ve been terrible lately!  I won’t make excuses for myself except to say that we’ve been doing a quite a bit of traveling and also, I’ve just had zero motivation.  In the interim, I have been able to finish several painting projects and write a little teeny bit on my own, so it hasn’t been a total wash.  Whatever, here is my amendment to the blog lull.  I’ve lifted the “30 Day Photo Challenge” from Facebook and will now attempt to have something for you all for the next 30 days.  Some days will be accompanied by more writing, and I may tweak the challenge specifications on any given day.  Also, after a preliminary peek at each day, I can tell you there will probably be lots of pictures of spouse Eric and mom, but I will try for some variety 🙂  Are you excited?  I am!

Here we go!

Day One: A picture of yourself with 10 facts

1) I live in Iowa and I’m proud of it

2) My favorite non-mythological/non extinct animals are bears (not polar bears, though)

3) I am obsessed with tomatoes

4) I have no sense of smell

5) I am married to my high school prom date

6) I share my home with two naughty grey kitties

7) My favorite flowers are irises, yellow roses and sunflowers

8 ) Currently I do not own a vehicle

9) I like to wear yoga pants

10) In high school I liked to steal spoons from restaurants


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