Potatoes and Carrots and Beets, Oh My!

5 Jul

This week’s CSA pickup was the most colorful by far.  And it’s a good thing because frankly, I was beginning to tire of collard greens, chard, and salad greens for dinner every night.  It seems like since the salad share (4 shares in May) ended, there has been a new addition to our basket of produce plenty every week.  I realize I haven’t posted in the last two weeks, but I have been faithfully observing my one CSA inspired dinner per week.  Two weeks ago saw the first sweet peas, and last week there were finally beets.  But this week was an explosion of color amid the green sea of lettuce.  There was the usual, broccoli, chard, spring onions and 3 types of lettuce, but also, colorful rainbow chard, more beets, an array of colorful carrots and purple, pink and white potatoes.

These were the basis of tonight’s comeback CSA dinner/blog post.

Savory Pie with Potatoes, onion and yellow beans:

Thaw 1 package of puff pastry, or enough homemade (I was brave and tried again) to cover the bottom and top of the pie

Slice 4 medium potatoes (2 pink, 2 purple for variety) chop 4 small white onions, and halve a handful of yellow wax beans (mine came straight from my own garden)

Roll out puff pastry sheet on the bottom of a buttered pie pan

Line the bottom with the potato slices, drizzle potato with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and black pepper

Spread beans and onion evenly over potato

Sprinkle 1 package of goat cheese on top

Cover with second sheet of puff pastry and pinch the sides to seal, slice the top for steam release

Cook at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until the puff pastry turns golden brown

We ate this treat with a salad made from lettuce, dill and green beans from our own garden (Yes, I was foolish enough to think I needed my own lettuce patch besides the abundance we were sure to get from the CSA share!)

Guten Apetit!


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