Made from scratch every day

13 Jun

My poor kitchen floor.  It’s under constant attack thanks to the crunchy granola, do-it-yourself lifestyle we seem to have embraced with both arms and legs recently.  After a winter’s worth of dirt, snow, and food refuse, my floor underwent a long overdue transformation last week after I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed.  It was back to it’s shiny, cheery, yellow linoleum state for about a day before I decided to bake 10 loaves of bread in one day and the fine dusting of flour started to accumulate again.

Today, our eagerness to make everything ourselves resulted in a double-whammy for the kitchen.  Earlier in the afternoon I had my first foray into the world of pastry making when I made a double batch of my own puff pastry dough.  Unfortunately, it turned out more like regular pie dough than anything close to puffing, but fortune favors the brave, and it made one hell of a savory pie.

But my floury kitchen capers are slowly but surely becoming the norm; the main event was yet to come.

For the holidays last year, my mom’s big gift to the son-in-laws was beer brewing equipment, and two weeks ago, Eric finally started his first batch.  It took up valuable real-estate in my front closet, bubbling away in a five gallon bucket while the coats and lawn games snuggled unused in the free corner.  Tonight was bottling day.

With our bellies full of my new favorite substitution for casserole, we all took our posts.









Someone’s obviously put a lot of thought into this beer bottling process because it was relatively quick and easy.  And now if I can get my mind off of the poor sticky beer soaked floor we can sing “43 Assorted Bottles of Beer on the Wall” until it’s time to bottle the next batch!


2 Responses to “Made from scratch every day”

  1. aurora June 14, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Yay! the first batch of Grinnell Beer! and kudos for trying the puff pastry too, that seems like waaaay too much work for me but like almost everything almost certainly is best when made ‘from scratch’….

    • fdcarlso June 14, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

      Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation, mom? Also, the beer will be ready for Jazz Fest, and it’s coming with us 🙂

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