Southern Comfort in Central Iowa

31 May

I have never lived anywhere near South of the Mason-Dixon Line, and although he did learn “Dixie” when he was in Montessori School, Eric is so Scandinavian and thusly a Yankee, it often surprises people to learn how much we enjoy eating “Southern” foods, namely greens.  Collards, mustard greens, kale, you name it, we eat it; steamed, boiled, fried, sometimes raw.  So this is the perfect time of year for us to enjoy Southern food right here in the heart of Iowa.

Broccoli raab, Chinese cabbage and mustard greens sprinkled with olive oil, salt and black pepper are this week’s featured CSA treat.

To go along with his love of greens, Eric brought to our relationship a penchant for catfish and introduced me to grits for the first time at a Waffle House in Indiana.  Despite her own love for Cajun food, it still perplexes and gives my mother a laugh when we talk about eating grits and greens.  We of course, had two catfish fillets ready to go for this evening.  Since our hot humid Midwest summer has risen early, we grill out every chance we get to keep the house from filling with heat from the stove or oven.  Eric prepared the catfish for grilling with a dry rub of magic spices (I never get to know what exactly he does and I’m okay with that!) and some butter and wrapped the fish in foil.

Behind the greens and fish is a pitcher of iced green tea.  We’ve been drinking the stuff by the gallon, I don’t know what I would do without it this summer!  And after a little bit on the grill, we are ready to enjoy our meal with a small side of mashed potatoes with green garlic and provolone cheese.


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