A Rose by Any Other Name…

13 May

…would smell as sweet… Unless you’re me, and in that case, you can’t smell anything, so flowers just look pretty.  It’s been an exciting spring for me; watching green leaves unfurl and being witness to the first brilliant colors of the season coming and going.  My own garden is starting to take on a more polished appearance than just a yard full of overturned sod with the first bean and pea sprouts poking their heads up into the sunlight.  But the flower that fills me with the most joy and anticipation is always the simplest and the slowest to emerge.

As they say, “fortune favors the bold” and the truth of this statement is no less evident in a region where the weather can still turn frosty after a string of 80 degree days.  This bold little plant from Russia has favored me with the first flower of the season, and the promise that a sweet, tangy, juicy tomato is not so far in my future after all.


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