Salad Days

10 May

It’s the first official Tuesday pickup for our lovely CSA!  This week showed us the merciless unpredictability of a Midwestern summer with temperatures dipping low at the end of last week and then spiking upwards, leaving some to abandon their heat for AC.  Today topped out at 94 degrees.  Much of the day I spent outside, basking in the heat and sun, and watering my plants.  When we headed to our first CSA pickup of the season, I definitely didn’t want to fire up the oven or stove for anything.  Today’s share included asparagus, purple bok choy, hardneck and softneck garlic, rhubarb, little baby radishes, onions, two types of lettuce (red and green) spinach, and mizuna.  Sadly, there were no eggs this week.  Apparently a skunk has taken up residency on the farm and has been frequenting the hen house.  So, since I didn’t want to do anything to heat up the house in the least, we marinated and grilled a chicken breast, and threw together a refreshing spring salad:

I used:



Red and green leaf lettuce

Green Garlic


For a little extra zest, I added strawberries and drizzled the whole mess with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Pictured in the back of the CSA greens are a few rhubarb flowers I cut from our plants this morning.  I think they are kind of neat looking.  Enjoy the salad days of your growing season and stay cool everyone!


One Response to “Salad Days”

  1. aurora May 11, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    Those rhubarb ‘flowers’ are strangely weirdly interesting. Might be an interesting theme for the summer: decorative vegetable bouquets through the season ;->

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