The Great Dog Debate!

14 Apr

For now, this cute and cuddly paper model from Cannon’s Creative Park is my only canine companion.  But still I keep living the dream that one day we will have a home of our own, and won’t have to fret over a dog wrecking up the landlords brand new wooden floors.

Eric has always been more of a ‘dog person’ than I, seeing as how I grew up with cats and he with a dog.  But being the animal lover that I am, I always wanted a dog.  Sure Eli acts like a dog most days, but he crushed my spirits yesterday when I was attempting to teach him the “Come” command and I realized he was really only trying to mooch the treat from me.  Once the treats went back into the drawer he had absolutely no interest in me.  So, through the years in order to stem the tide of doggie envy, we have done our share of dog-sitting.  And through this, we have both decided what kind of dogs we would like to have eventually and, of course, we don’t agree at all.

Through our own elimination and Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101” We managed to narrow the list to 3 candidates:

Eric’s Picks:

1) Boxer— A dog we used to sit regularly is a boxer.  Her name is Moon and she is larger than life.  She had the cutest underbite, and gave everyone her ‘serious face’ but Eric, who she adored.  Eric’s number one rule; NO SMALL DOGS, and Moon was no exception.  Boxers are highly intelligent, loyal family dogs who require very little grooming (Another of Eric’s desirable traits)

2) Australian Shepherd— These dogs often have two differently colored eyes, which, along with it’s lush coat is aesthetically interesting to Eric.  They are very similar to Border Collies, which Eric’s family has.

Fawn’s Picks:  Of course I’m torn between two.

1) Belgian Malinois— Another dog we sat along with Moon.  Joey is totally blonde and it took us a while to figure out what he really was, but I think this comes close.  He may have been part Chow because he had a purple tongue… I don’t know my dogs that well.  Anyway, I loved Joey because he was spunky and charming in a sort of shy dopey way.  As Moon preferred Eric, Joey preferred me.  Another big intelligent dog that makes a great family pet due to it’s loyalty.  I like handsome lanky dogs because they look a little wild.

2) Poodle/ Labradoodle— This might be a bad number 1 reason, but poodles look like little bears when they aren’t shaven!  If we were to get a poodle, I would of course keep it groomed, but I wouldn’t give it the puff tail or ears or any of that.  Also, they are lower energy than the boxer of Belgian, and are rated the best as family dogs.  It’s highly trainable, and gets along with everybody.

Dogs that didn’t make the cut:

My number one pick before I actually started looking into the breeds was a Bull Terrier.  These little cuties are apparently totally bi-polar, and need constant attention.  Also, they tend to stick with one family member, and are mean to the rest, so NOT a good family dog.

Miniature Pinscher— totally adorable, but a small dog is not in the stars for us, also, I think Eli might beat this one up.

So, dog lovers out there, would you care to share your wisdom with us?


4 Responses to “The Great Dog Debate!”

  1. ajgunter April 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Being an avid dog lover I would suggest a mutt. They always have friendly dispositions and are in the most need of a good home, and not to push my agenda to save all the big black dogs of the world, but I would recommend a big black dog. They are the first to be put down in shelters because they eat more food than small dogs and don’t photograph well, which in the modern age of the interwebs doesn’t help their cause.

    Also, to be completely honest, I’d never adopt a pure-breed dog because they are much more expensive, more likely to be inbred and have far more health problems than a lovable mutt.

    Also- knowing you Miss Fawn, wouldn’t you feel better rescuing a mutt puppy from a shelter?

    Ok, I’m off my soap box now. Good luck with the future dog search! Whatever dog you get, I’m sure you’ll grow to love him or her regardless of their breed. 🙂

    • fdcarlso April 15, 2011 at 11:42 am #

      Of course I would go for a shelter dog. I suppose I could have included that… there’s always the chance that we’d go to a shelter and fall in love with a doggie not even close to any of our pics, but I would probably look for one that was at least part one of our pics. I feel the same way you feel about big black dogs, but with big breeds that have a bad reputation for aggression; pit bulls, boxers, german shepherds, etc. So when the time comes, I will do my part for good kharma!

  2. ajgunter April 14, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    Oh, also, not a huge fan of boxers… one pushed my brother to the ground and started humping him when he was 4…

    • Cleo April 15, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

      Grandpa’s dog did that to the Baby?

      Oh and you definitely go with a mutt. Like our little petite Buster.

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