Such a Little Thing…

12 Apr

After waking up convinced that my seasonal allergies had taken up perma-residence in my nasal cavities, my swim came to a screeching halt at a mere 1,200 yards– only half of what I usually do.  I realized I was well and truly sick.  It wasn’t that I was gasping for breath after my first 100, or the fact that my arms felt like they had lead weights attached, nor was it the chlorine burning my aching throat every time I took a miscalculated gasp for breath.  No, it was the sneeze attack I got in the middle of a lap that was the nail in the “I’m totally sick” coffin.  Most people sneeze when they have allergies.  I sneeze when I’m truly sick, backwards, I know, but that’s how I roll.  So, I got out of the pool, aching from my abbreviated workout, and left feeling a little defeated.

But all this is okay, because what I’m going to tell you about is the cause of my illness, and it’s actually quite cute.

Yes, it’s my nephew, Mac.  Here is he at our wedding this summer.  Yes, I know he’s much older now and my hair is much shorter, but this is probably my favorite picture of us together.  This stolen from a friend on Facebook, “Babies are a cute petri dish for disease.”  It’s so true.  I thought it was both darling and terrifying the first time he tried to kiss me.  A baby kiss is really just opened mouth coming for the face of it’s victim.  After I got over my initial shock, I was pleased that Mac wanted to kiss me.  Of course, I got sick after.  Fast forward 8 months.

This baby was last seen on April 6, 2011, spreading germs via mouth, being very cute and cuddly.  He should be considered armed and dangerous.




Yep, there he is, the cute and cuddly culprit.  15 months old, and he’s already got a rap sheet.  Sweet and sick, he took me for a fool when he snuggled sleepily against me, kissing my chin before flopping back down.  At first I thought he looked a little drunken in the shot, but now that I look more closely, I see a sly gleam in there.  How unaware I was at the time, watching Wall-e with my mom and trying to get him to calm down for a nap.

And here he is, playing his drum with Granny.  Perhaps it’s a celebratory dance.  Mac thanks the Gods of illness for being able to pass his germs on to me.  And me, being the patient, adoring auntie I am, I can’t help but love him even more. 


3 Responses to “Such a Little Thing…”

  1. ajgunter April 12, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Be sure to tell him he’s lucky he’s so cute! That’s what I tell Boo when she accidentally scratches me! I think the same applies to Mr. Mac. 🙂

    • fdcarlso April 12, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      He’s such a stinker, he’d probably laugh!


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    […] Apr So after a week off the fitness train, and not quite rid of what I am now referring to as “Mac’s disease” I managed to drag myself to today’s afternoon yoga class.  It felt remarkably good to get […]

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