Down Time

11 Apr

It may sound odd, coming from a person who has chosen to remain unemployed, but even we need some time to totally devote to ourselves.  I woke early, unable to fall back asleep, and decided it was time for some pampering.  Over the years I have acquired a wide variety of beauty products that see such infrequent use that they are always on hand for such an occasion.  I drew the shades in the bathroom, lit a candle, and stepped into an impromptu bubble bath.  But that’s not the interesting thing I want to tell you about.  I want to tell you about what I was thinking as I dissolved epsom salts, pumiced my feet, and Eli watched from a nest of towels in the cabinet.

Three weird things instantly came to mind, for whatever reason.

1) A quote by Haruki Murakami in “A Wild Sheep Chase”, an excellent book if you’re into reading about nothing for 3/4 of the book.  (I mean it, it’s a great read, but nothing really happens until the last few chapters.)  Sadly, I can’t find the book to quote it properly, but the gist of it is thus:  When you sleep, you lose skin cells, so in essence, everyone is a new person every morning.

2) Ethan Hawke naked on a beach scrubbing away skin and hair in Gattica.  Yummy.  Which of course made me think of…

3) Christian Bale (Also yummy) in American Psycho doing his vigorous morning cleansing routine.

I know, totally random train of thought, but sometimes you gotta let your mind wander when you’re having “Me Time” unless you want to dwell on unpleasantness, I guess that’s why my “me time” is different from everyone elses.  So now that my elbows, knees and feet have been softened, I’ve got my classy black dress and my most fancy Lia Sophia necklace on, I’m feeling fresh and clean.  Now maybe I’m ready to change into my Zumba clothes and get on with my day.  I just have to remember to blow out the candle.


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