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30 Mar

This is the inspiration behind today’s post.  It doesn’t look like much, but I see them every day on my walk to the pool and always wonder what they are.  So I let my imagination take over, and here is the result.  I have transplanted and adapted both characters and elements from my own writing and writing and film of others.  See if you can find them all!  Note:  This one requires your participation, so don’t be shy!

Weak light filtered in from the thin high window onto Sabrina’s fluttering eyelids.  She closed her eyes firmly against the light, clinging to the last restful scraps of sleep she would get that day.  Wishing desperately to remain wrapped in her own sleeping warmth, a glance at the empty bed across the room told her what she had to do instead.  Her thin sandals crunched on the gravel outside the makeshift shack she called home.  The thin blanket she wore draped over one shoulder and crossing her chest was not nearly enough to keep out the early morning chill.  But the sun shone brightly, and she started on her trek.

Pointing East, into the rising sun she was searching for her father.  Since they had come to this part of the Midworld, Horst had begun a rather illicit and practically unheard of affair with a man named Felix.  This relationship, however, had more to do with their mutual love for Lady Liquor than for one another.  Most days she would walk two miles outside of their small shanty town to a tavern of types that serviced thirsty laborers for miles around.  There she would find Horst and Felix in the fallout from an evening spent drinking a fermented root mash that was called Mother’s Milk, but in the thick mushy local accent always sounded to her like “Mudder’s Milk”.

How had they come to this?  Sabrina could hardly remember life before they had fled the crumbling walls of a city under siege.  She knew she and her father hadn’t always lived in a shack made of logs, that she hadn’t always had to dress in this ridiculous blanket toga, that her only pair of shoes hadn’t always been these flimsy sandals, and particularly that she hadn’t had to walk for miles every day searching for her father.

The sun began to warm her long dark hair and her thoughts turned dreamy about what the day might become.  Perhaps she would go to the hot springs later and bathe naked, surrounded by a new crop of sugar beets.  Or maybe she would be able to coax Ike to lay down his super sized broadsword for the afternoon.  They would walk in the stringy wildflowers on the edge of the woods and she would wonder at his strange blue spiky hair while he slowly spun out more of that poem he had started to tell her last night.  The one that began “Childe Roland to the dark tower came…”

She was startled out of her thoughts by a faint ping! as her foot came into contact with something that was not a pebble.  It was a tiny rusty strip of metal.  Coming to a halt, she knelt down to examine this rare find.  Here metal did not lie about wantonly.  Scooping it up idly she continued on, only to come across another piece identical to the first.  She studied the two side by side.  They were no more than a quarter of an inch wide, and perhaps a hands-length long.  She decided she would collect them if more popped up and bring them to the blacksmith’s when she returned to town.  This gave her an excuse to hang around and maybe catch a glimpse of the blacksmith’s oldest son, Leo.  She always went silly and dreamy around Leo with his long red hair and wild blue eyes.

The rest of her walk she kept her head bent, eyes searching the ground for more of the mystery scraps.  When she had collected four, she noticed a buzzing in her palm.  The tiny fragments were humming softly and trembling.  Things like this seemed to always be happening in Midworld, so she closed her palm, taking more notice of a bald man in old round glasses sleeping in his carriage.  Straightening with six humming metal sticks clutched in one hand and a seventh between her opposite thumb and forefinger, a painful memory suddenly darkened the bright morning.

Lucky seven!  The Loser’s Club! Her friend Lucy’s voice drifted across a memory of a vast wind scorched field.  There were beets there too. Sabrina remembered.  But they were dead.  They were dead because Ben made lucky seven, and we were the Loser’s Club. Her heart ached for her friends, left long behind after they had fled across a desert and a strange forest called Fanghorn.  Ben had killed the beets so that Merry’s old deerhound could survive a scorpion bite.  Then there had been nothing in that field but seven friends and an old dog.  Since they had come through the eerie forest which had seemed almost alive, something had changed in her.  The only person in town who seemed brave enough to be her friend was Ike with his Claymore and loud battle cry.  Everyone else skirted her nervously.  Ike said it was because since Sabrina and Horst had come through, the forest had become enveloped in a weird yellowy twilight.  Children were forbidden to enter, and the only thing that came out were tall tales of giant spiders and old horseless carriages.

As soon as the seventh scrap of metal touched the others in her now sweaty palm, the humming became a loud long musical note.  Glancing down, she watched with wide eyes as the metal started to twist and turn in her hand while emitting a warm green light.

A blink and it was over.  Instead of a pile of odd old metal, a long key lay across her fingers.  The key flashed a brilliant polished copper, and on it were three faintly glowing symbols.  She had seen these symbols used in the local’s version of written language.  The one nearest the key’s teeth was a green swirl slightly wider at the base than at the top.  This was the symbol of Fanghorn Forest to the North.  at the top of the key lay two wavy lines of blue.  This was a long beach rumored to be endless that lay to the South.  And in the middle was a tee-pee of red and gold.  This could only be the Bigtop, where she and Ike sometimes snuck in underneath the thick canvas to feed wild thistle to Rosie the elephant.

She was about to slip the key into the folds of her blanket when a stick cracked behind her, making her jump around.  Her breath caught in her throat when her eyes lit in Leo.  He was striding right towards her, his hair crazy and flowing behind him.  His face was seemed serious at first, but as he approached Sabrina could see a small smile curling one corner of his thin lips.  She couldn’t speak, and her heart skipped a beat when he marched up to her.  He was wearing a pair of wide-legged burgundy linen pants and nothing on top but the leather vest he often wore when working the bellows at his father’s shop.  His skin was warm and dry as his fingers slid over hers, covering the key.  The smile reached his dark blue eyes for an instant.  Sabrina thought she might fall into those eyes and die happy.  As he spoke, however, his face changed so suddenly it was like there had never been a smile there at all.

“Come with me.”

Now it’s your turn, dear reader.  Where are they going to go?

A: The Forest

B: The Beach

C: The Bigtop

Cast your vote and come back tomorrow to read more about Sabrina!


9 Responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure Blog!”

  1. Maia March 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Oooooh I vote A, the forest!

  2. Cleo March 30, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Definitely A!

    • Anne March 30, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

      The beach of course.

  3. ajgunter March 31, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    Sorry I missed voting! I would have voted for the Bigtop, but the forest is good too.

    Also- love the idea of a chose your own adventure and I think it’s SO cool you got this idea from pieces of metal on the road! I need to work on my imagination!!

  4. Susan Golightly April 1, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Fanghorn Forest, of course. I think your blog is really cool, so please keep writing. And, if perchance, Sabrina and Leo should come upon Goldberry, the river spirit, I would be greatly pleased. Susan

    • fdcarlso April 4, 2011 at 11:08 am #

      Thanks for the visit, Susan! I’ll see what I can do!


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