Feeling Wifey

29 Mar

So it snowed again last night.  The weather promises relatively clear skies in the future and temperatures into the 50’s.  My garden is a still a not so distant dream, but every day I am reminded that the ground is thawing and warming a little bit more.  But still looking out on our white lawn this morning, I could barely raise my spirits enough to get out of the warm bed.  As I trudged on my way to the pool for a swim my heart so obviously wasn’t in, a thought popped into my head.  I realized I hadn’t updated my garden page with a week seven picture of my tomato plants.  Then I thought, how cool would it be to take a picture of the plant looking all awesome and green against the white snowy hedge?  Energized now by a cool idea on how to turn something unpleasant into a worthwhile creative project I managed to get through my mile and a half.

What irony!  What disappointment!  When I left the building an hour and a half later, all the snow was gone.  Once again everything was a bright fresh green.  As I arrived home, I was discouraged by the idea of another afternoon of peaceful nothingness.  I finished my latest library book, am at an impasse in both of the Wii games I am playing through, and just couldn’t think of much to do with myself.

Sometimes I feel like being a good wife.  I am seized by moments of maniac cleanliness where I sweep through the house sweeping, organizing and scrubbing down counter-tops.  Other days I spend hours online looking up new recipes to serve up to my skinny husband.  Today was one of those days, the cooking days.  I realized it had been at least a month since I spent the afternoon planning and preparing a meal.  Most of the time cooking in an activity Eric and I share happily, but some times I like to be the one in charge.  So, with nostalgic movies from the 1990’s (Empire Records followed by Kindergarten Cop) for my background noise, I went to work.  Only now am I sad to say I did not wear my apron.

One of my recent staples is bread.  I have more than mastered a white Amish style loaf, and subbed out half of the white flour for wheat for a new twist.  I wanted to try something different.  Cheese bread is something I really enjoy eating and had never tried, so that was the first thing on my list.  I found a recipe online from guess where?  Panera Bread, dutifully copied it down on my note-cards and followed the instructions word for word.  With the bread proofing and rising, I found myself back in the kitchen, looking for spare ingredients to make into something yummy.

Eric loves pie.  He usually has no complaints about anything, but when pie, or not enough pie is involved, he is always vocal.  I’ve only ever made two pies in my life.  I am quite good at making chocolate cheesecake, but I think that falls into a different category.  Anyway, the other two pies I made turned out pretty funky, and not in a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch kind of way.  Despite this, there has been a baggie of frozen blueberries sitting in the freezer just begging to be used up.  Blueberry is my personal favorite pie selection, and I figured I could throw in the two apples that have been sitting lonely on the shelf for a while.  Here’s the part where I give a shout out to my in-laws.  They gave us a food processor for our wedding, and it’s probably the most handy kitchen gadget we have so far.  Without the food processor, I would be lost as to making a pie crust.  I can make a mean stir fry or lentil soup, but when it comes to baking sweets, I tend to get cold feet.  All those rules and steps just get in the way.  With a food processor, all you do is dump and pulse and you’re all set.  I somehow managed to time this so perfectly that by the time I was done with the pie crust, I was ready to mix the bread sponge into the actual dough, and with the pie safely in the oven, two pretty loaves of bread were slowly rising rising in the heat any humidity of the laundry room.

When Eric got home he hovered around the pie, wanting to help me do the dishes, but I sent him away with a beer so I could finish cleaning up my mess.  Then, so I could get a moment’s peace to write, I got him started chopping vegetables for the turkey loin I want to roast for dinner.  And now I hear him out there, his glass is empty and he is speaking with a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, so I guess it’s time for me to go pay attention to him and his dinner.


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