New Pants, New Woman

27 Mar

There’s nothing like a great outfit to make you feel like a million bucks again.  A pause for a little back story here:  When we moved to Iowa in October, I took on a very sedentary lifestyle.  Mostly I would sit in my chair waiting for my muses to visit me like a sweet dream so I could start my fantasy writer’s life.  Most days became cartoon or movie marathons, and I accomplished very little.  This being said, I quickly put on enough weight that my regular pants weren’t quite comfortable anymore, so I started wearing yoga pants instead.  No embarrassing muffin top, I thought the black was flattering for my legs, and it was comfortable when I didn’t have to leave the house.  I figured I would keep it up until I either lost the weight somehow or got pregnant, and then I would have a nine month get out of fashion jail free card.  In February I realized that neither of those things was going to just miraculously happen, so I turned to my old friend, Lane Bryant.

Shopping has always been an unpleasant experience for me, even before I gained all the weight.  Unless I was at the co-op or Target, shopping made me terribly anxious.  The mere idea of stepping into a fitting room and the subsequent feeling of rejection I would inevitably encounter was too much for me.  So often I bought without trying anything on, which always led to more disappointment at home.  So, this time I spared myself the trouble and went online.  I found two pair of jeans, each on sale for 20$ from almost 60$.  The great thing about Lane Bryant is they have special fits in all their pants that cater to the curvier lady.  I love this, because I have a very high and narrow natural waist especially when you pair it with my gigantic hips.  Lane Bryant understands!  They make jeans to fit a body like mine.  Read: No more gaping in the back, no more plumber crack, no more tightness across the hips!

I ordered a pair of wide-leg trouser style jeans and a pair of dark wash boot cut stretch jeans.  I won’t tell you the size I ordered in, because I’m still shy about that, and I don’t believe in stuffing myself into a smaller size just so I can say I did.  Then I waited with baited breath for 8-10 days.  When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised.  After literally months of not wearing jeans, I felt perfectly comfortable in my new look.  The wide leg trousers make me feel like I’m straight out of the seventies, and I love them.  Plus they look super cute with my black sporty mary-janes.  The dark wash is very flattering on me and the fabric has a nice give to it.

I said it before and I’ll say it again; there’s nothing like a new outfit that fits well to boost up self-confidence.  Regardless of what my end goal is for my fitness journey, I need to feel great where I am now, and every day going forward, because I know if I lose my confidence, my motivation will falter and I will end up right back where I started.  Even though I am throwing off the shackles of my sedentary life-style, I feel it’s important for me to feel like an ice-cream sundae every day in my own skin (and my new jeans).


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