It’s too early for fetch…

26 Mar

It’s a lazy, hazy, grey Saturday morning.  Thanks to wine and good company from last night, no one seems to want to get out of bed this morning.  Of course, to my partner’s credit, it is the first weekend in probably several months that we haven’t had company or he’s had to go into work.  So it’s going to be one of those weekends I think.  After lying awake for a few minutes with the cats crawling all over me begging for food, I got up and took care of them.  Thora, of course returned immediately to my pre-warmed spot on the bed to take an extra snooze with daddy.  But Eli on the other hand immediately went to play with phantom bugs on the futon, and upon seeing me started to beg for a toy.  Eli’s favorite toys are those little hard mice you can get at the hardware store.  He prefers the kind that have catnip in them.  He also had a set of plastic balls with jingle bells inside that he would fetch with, but those all got lost somewhere, or they are in an Eli nest with all the rest of the mice he has either tried to eat or pulled the tails off of.  So on a trip to Theisen’s we picked up a 12 pack of little rope mice in bright colors.  It’s really quite cute when he brings the toy back to me to throw back down our long hallway.  I can tell by the way he runs if he’s got a toy in his mouth (maybe I am spending too much time alone with the cats!) and he tries to meow around it which of course sounds hilarious.

After about ten minutes of this, he gave up, leaving his toy alone on the floor by his water glass– yes, our cat has his own water glass– and retreated to his favorite hiding spot.  He peered out at me from under an end table next to our boxes of video games with that look that said clearly “Look at that silly human, waving a mouse toy around by it’s tail saying, ‘Fetch?  Fetch Eli?  Where’s the toy?’ It’s in your hand, silly person.  And I’m sooo over it!”


One Response to “It’s too early for fetch…”

  1. Birch March 26, 2011 at 11:00 am #

    Kivrin has her own water glass too. Actually, I think she might have two right now. . .

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