How I love you South Park, let me count the ways…

18 Mar

A few months ago, I went on a South Park/TreyandMatt bender.  I spent several weeks religiously watching the nine seasons of the show I had and then re-watching with the mini-commentaries.  With my supply exhausted, I watched Team America late one night, and all the special features into the wee hours of the morning.  With some birthday money, I made a deposit into the bank of to get my mitts on the rest of Trey Parker’s movies, which I greedily gobbled up over and over.  Everything came to a head and Eric finally had to intervene after enduring weeks of me making reference after reference and singing non-stop.  So I took a hiatus.  I was eventually allowed to watch season 10, which was a Valentine’s gift, and I of course had to show Orgazmo to a friend who came to visit and had never seen the film.

Then last night we decided to watch a movie.  Eric said I could pick as long as it wasn’t a serious one.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks due to moodiness, my stagnating weight loss efforts and ever present money issues, so I chose Bigger Longer and Uncut, since listening to Satan sing “Where babies burp and flowers bloom” always makes me giggle.  While indulging in our first take-out meal of the week, I got to indulge in the pleasures of sometimes unbridled gross-out silliness.

This morning I woke feeling unmotivated as usual to do my workout, and trudged grudgingly to the pool.  The sun was hidden beneath a thin later of clouds and the temperature was a letdown from yesterday’s 73 degree high.  I told myself I just had to get into the pool, do my 2,000 yards and then I would be done for the weekend.  About a quarter of the way there, I was pleasantly surprised to find my mind wandering in and out of the medley of songs from the movie.  I’m always happy to let my mind wander elsewhere during my swim because it makes the time fly by.  I finally settled on one of my favorites, and was accompanied for the rest of my workout by rousing repetitions of “What would Brian Boitano do?”  Between which I kept asking myself, What’s their deal with Brian Boitano anyway?

Walking home, I couldn’t help but smile to myself.


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