What Color is Your Wardrobe today?

7 Mar

It’s 8:47 in the morning.  It snowed again last night.  I can tell already that this week is going to be a half-assed one.  After an exciting weekend with my sister and brother-in-law, I could blame my negligence on being hung over.  Ah, alas, I no longer have the luxury of that excuse since the most alcohol to pass my lips this weekend was a meager mouthful.  It turns out that watching after a sick child can actually make you sick too… What?  Get outta town!  I had assumed my tiredness all weekend was due to my vigorous new exercise routine.  Also, my brain has a tendency to shut down when I’m not forcing it to conform to my schedule.  But I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and I was feeling more out of it than usual.  We were all lamenting over the weather when I exclaimed loudly, “I’m so sick of this, it’s so damn grey outside!”

My sister immediately pointed out; “You’re looking awfully grey today.”

My sister, so smart.  I was wearing grey yoga pants and a dark green t-shirt with a dark grey 3/4 sleeve top over it.  She was right.  Upon closer inspection, I found that most of my winter wardrobe is less than cheery.  In comparison, the cubby-hole in my wardrobe for summer tops is all bright colors and patterns.  Huh, who knew?

I know the recent bout of grey weather has left me with a not-so-desirable attitude, but seeing the snow come down again yesterday was just the nail in the coffin.

I had gone to yoga feeling congested, stiff, and off-kilter.  In fact, the whole class seemed a little off-kilter.  Our instructor promised to take it easy on us, but she really didn’t.  As I lay on my back trying to get into Yoga Nidra, I kept thinking about how weird I felt.  I also couldn’t get over the fact that last week ended on a sort of down note, and I had the feeling that this week would be the same.  Since the relatives had left, I had tried to do something productive.  I wanted to blog about my young garden, so I started to re-pot my tomato and pepper seedlings.  I am certified to teach elementary students, but my powers of estimation are grossly overrated.  I had used up most of the potting soil and only re-potted five out of seventeen varieties.  I gave up and slogged off to yoga thinking I would pick up some more soil and finish the project in the evening.

Fast-forward to after my bad yogic sleep.  With the lights turned back on, and people rolling up yoga mats, someone exclaims excitedly; “Look, snow!”  And sure enough, it is coming down in big fluffy flakes.  It’s the type of snow that I normally find very pretty.  Walking home feeling the wet cold clinging to me, I didn’t find it pretty.  It was another reminder that here in the Midwest, spring is still a long way off.  I decided I might need more garden time later in the week, so I left off my re-potting, and spent the evening playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii and going to bed early.

Fast-forward again to this morning and the beginning of this post.  As I sat down at the computer feeling even more congested, the back of my throat like it’s been stuffed with cotton-balls, I wonder how far I am going to get today.  I decide not to set my goals too high, since I might disappoint myself.  First things first:  Get a glass of water, second, another glass of water.  Next on the docket; blog since you haven’t done it in two days, you lazy thing you!  Now I have to decide if I’m going to make it to zumba this afternoon.  I already know I’m not going to swim.  Four days a week in the pool at over a mile a pop is more than your average person gets, so I think I’m okay.  I can do a slower and shorter yoga routine and still feel productive without killing myself.  And, oh yes, I will be doing this all while wearing a grey shirt!


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