I Remember When…

3 Mar

So, today I am reminded what it used to be like juggling a job and other hobbies/duties.  I was summoned at seven this morning to look after the sick daughter of my husband’s boss.  She’s two and a bit, and despite having a bad cold, quite the perky little character.  We had breakfast together, watched “The Wiggles” played with play-doh, read books about dinosaurs, ate a healthy balanced lunch, and then she started her afternoon nap.  Mom came home, and we chatted well after I had received my check.  It was fun.  But I couldn’t decide what to do about my workout for the day.  The pool is only open from 11-2, then 6:30pm- 9pm.  Thursday nights are actually busy nights for me.  I visit the Poweshiek Animal League Shelter on Thursdays to hang out with the cats.  Upon returning home, our little one, Eli won’t come near me, and usually hisses more than normal.  My two favorite rescues are Basil and Aquinas, and it never ceases to amaze me how someone could surrender such sweet little furballs.  Back to the subject.  After leaving my morning “job” I made a quick run to HyVee, and completed my yoga session for the day.  I had about half an hour to myself, and it was nearly time to head out again.  I was scrambling, wondering when I would have time to write this blog (and what in the world it would be about) and whether or not I was going to get a swim in.

I decided it was more important to bite the bullet and do my swim.  I know how important this period is for me in establishing my routine.  It’s happened to me before and it will probably happen again; I get started with something, go great guns for a few weeks, and begin finding excuses not to be consistent.  If I justified missing today’s swim, what about tomorrows?  Or next weeks?  Pretty soon I’d end up right back where I started– overflowing from my chair eating radioactive macaroni and cheese.

I’m glad I don’t have a job right now.  My workout routine and having time to get back into my hobbies has made me a much more well-balanced person.  If I take the time now to establish my health-both physical and mental- I think I will be in much better shape for when the time comes to get back in the saddle.


One Response to “I Remember When…”

  1. ajgunter March 4, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Hey Blog Buddy- both cats are cute but Aquinas is beautiful!! I would even have a tough time resisting her and you know I’m a total dog freak. 🙂

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