Zumba Almost Killed Me.

28 Feb

If you were hoping for a dramatic post, navigate away now.  Oh, wait!  Please don’t leave!  I like your company!

Now, where was I?  If I seem scattered, it’s because this is a weary post that has absolutely no direction (Like me most of the time.)  Yesterday marked the fourth week of my effort to become more scheduled, productive, and lose some weight.  Every morning during the week I do an hour of vinyasa yoga followed by a relatively healthy breakfast.  My cat Eli likes to help me do both.  With his mouth.  Ouch.  Then I walk to Grinnell College campus for a swim.  Swimming a mile (1,650 yards) is harder than you’d think especially when you’re overweight like I am and you have to share a pool with those little sea otters on the men’s swim team.  One of the great things about living in a college town and having a partner who is affiliated with that college is I have access to the fitness center and all the fitness classes offered to faculty/staff for free.  Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays there is yoga, and I have recently been roped into a lunch hour Zumba class on Mondays.  The first class was a blast.  There were about ten older ladies there, and then a handful of “Young people” as we were called.  Relatively easy even for someone like me who is co-ordination challenged, I didn’t sweat much but was surprised to find later that evening that I was pretty sore.  Last week we had off, so I did my usual swim and yoga routine.  This weekend I had bitter debates with myself (Eric was at a conference and I didn’t have a lot else to do in the evenings) deciding whether or not I should do my swim before Zumba class or skip it for the day.  Four days out of the week is plenty, right?  Well, I apparently didn’t think so.

I took the plunge at 11am like I always do, swimming my mile in 50 minutes.  I headed to Zumba feeling like a champ.  The old ladies weren’t there.  Our enthusiastic instructor decided to pick up the pace.  I sweat so much I thought my freshly dyed hair would start to dribble down my neck.  Don’t get me wrong.  I had a good time.  I just started to feel like I was in that horrible Olivia Newton-John music video “Physical”.  The walk home was a bear.  When I got home I thought to myself, God, now I have to write a POST?!?

But I’m trying to be good, so here it is.  A rambling tired post.  I hope at least parts of it made you crack a smile.  I’m trying.  I think I’ll go sit in my chair for a while though. 


2 Responses to “Zumba Almost Killed Me.”

  1. Birch March 1, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    Mac and Kivrin also like to help me with yoga. Makes for some interesting down dogs.

  2. ajgunter March 1, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    Boo’s gotten kicked in the head a few times so she usually stays away. Also wanted to say thanks for the post- you make me feel incredibly motivated!!

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